SMO Marketing

Increase the power of connecting with your people through high-fidelity social media strategy.


Unquestionably, without Social media Optimization (SMO) no digital marketing planning is complete. Word of mouth has always been a powerful influential tool. We believe social media platforms are fuelled by word of mouth. Social media has transformed the way people used to communicate a long time ago and now it’s changing the business would.

It’s a golden platform for any business to get into direct contact with customers through sharing business stories and events anytime and anywhere. Getting along with more people means maximizing your business opportunities. And SMO does it effortlessly. When you’re all set for online promotion, a professional SMO service in Lithuania can keep you a step forward to your business goals.

Due to the on-going work required for off-site SEO we make a monthly charge related to the keywords that you want us to target. Whilst off-site SEO is an optional extra, in our opinion it is one of the cheapest forms of marketing that any business can undertake and therefore should be considered by most businesses.